Alessandro Lo Bianco

Exceptional people

I work with I.G.D. Since 2011 and so far my destinations have been: Basilicata, Sardinia, Trentino, France, Valle d’Aosta, Mexico and Sicily.

After working on board cruise ships I opened a photographic studio all mine. In 2001 I made my first experience in a tourist village: the only idea of ​​abandoning the classic “jacket and tie” clothing to find me with my feet immersed in the sand in the most beautiful places on earth has no price! Personally, I have always had a great passion for travel, especially in dealing with other realities: with this work I can do it naturally, because working in a specific place for 3 or 6 months is very different from a fleeting transition from a simple tourist.

Foreign language deepening in the field is also very different from what you can do on books. I currently speak English, Spanish and French, and obviously Italian.

Work in the company is very gratifying: it’s all very well organized and for any event I can always count on people who solve my problems in a moment, concentrating on the photo shoot.

Teamwork is also very gratifying: I’ve got to know some great people who have become friends, as well as simple colleagues.