Federica Zangri

Federica Zangri

Give emotions

A great 3 years experience is difficult to summarize, but above all to make it clear the mix of emotions and personal growths I have experienced.

Through this work I have learned to relate to people in different ways.

See buying a product that encloses the image of a child’s smile, or the expression of her eyes for a moment of shyness … the mother hugging her baby and then the whole family joined in a big hug, and feel warm hearted to see people excited about something I had created for them.

Behind our work there is the constant presence of a large agency, qualified people who support us every day and thanks to which we always find solutions to every problem and that make us the best, because the Digital Group it’s not a simple workgroup, it’s not simple colleagues, but a real family that extends every season.

In my first season I was transmitted to the fundamental values:

Values ​​that I myself hope to convey to all those who cross and will cross in my path because our work teaches us that it is combining passion, commitment and perseverance to achieve great goals.

iGD photographers  are a group of people, who together pursue a goal: to give emotions!

Federica Zangri