Roberta Iaccino

Roberta Iaccino

Throughout my life I never thought I could do this job. Not only was it something I did not think I could please, but I even saw it as something far from me, the opposite pole of my being.

After graduating from Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, I began to send resumes for all the work I thought I could do to my case, but also fishing a bit in the pile. Being called and having passed the selections with the Digital Group has been a huge surprise for me. I had no experience of any kind in the field, I was (and still partly) a girl of extreme timidity: I remember having faced the days of the selections in Turin literally trembling every time I was talking to me in front of everyone; but I really wanted to learn and challenge. At age 25 I questioned all that I had been up to this time in my life to tell me, “I’m leaving, I try!” I had many doubts and insecurities, but I faced every day of the first months of my first season without thinking of “tomorrow”: every day I woke up and faced every difficulty with all the power and strength I needed. After a few months, one day I woke up and stopped thinking about where I was, how much I had learned so far, how much I had changed.

In the next two years (this is my fifth season) I learned a great deal: I learned how to make beautiful photos, learned to sell them, learned how to relate to people, I learned that this work is part of you 360 degrees. I have also learned that this work has so many different shades and shades that are discovered daily. I also learned a lot about myself, I grew up and changed so much; I learned a bit about skiing! I keep learning every day of every season I do.

Having started working as a photographer was, in my life, a necessary jolt: the rebirth I was looking for but did not know how to get there.

All this thanks to the people with whom I worked and continue to work, who with their experience have given me so much; thanks also to my desire to do. Here is, if there is one advice I feel to give to those who think they want to embark on this experience is to start with the desire to work, to learn, to get tired, to know new people and places, to grow. Not for everyone, and not necessarily, work as a photographer in tourist villages must be the work of life, but one, three, five, twenty seasons, to get the most out of an experience with the Digital Group, you have to give maximum, you have to put your soul, heart, passion. The results and the satisfaction will be huge, unmanageable. Friendships strong, intense, deep.

I’m not ashamed to say that when I ‘m writing these words emotion is felt. I am grateful to all those who during my journey have taught me and sent so much; I am grateful to those who have given me the opportunity to undertake this experience.