igd boutique

Our work experience within the resorts has allowed us to create a new brand for the management of other services beside the photography.

Since 2010, iGD directly manages boutiques within high-end resorts,  Veratour, Delphina, I Grandi Viaggi,  Gattarella Resort, Garden Toscana Resort e Uappala Sestriere; and now has 16 stores.

We select High Quality Products through Selected Manufacturers Offering Craft Creations and Tissue Search.

We pay special attention to the environment: we are always looking for eco-friendly products.


The best guarantee of iGD quality is the trust of our customers

Technology and centralized management with VISION + MISSION : this binomial guides us in implementing the strategy

VISION: We must be a point of reference for shopping inside the resort, for those who love fashion and are looking for new stimuli and proposals.

MISSION: to invest in product quality, innovation, service, being aware of the spirit and culture of our time.