igd photoThanks to our curiosity and passion, we always strive to be at the forefront, bringing innovative technology and ideas into our outlets, without forgetting the attention for the details and the professionalism that distinguish us.
Our primary goal remains customer satisfaction. Combining all of these factors, we are able to offer our customers a professional photo shoot service, immediate printing, to deliver real-time photographs.

Our work is not only at the seaside, but also the mountains, where we work together with tourist facilities, even with the ski schools of the most renowned mountain resorts.

In both major locations in Mexico and Italy, we have created two fully autonomous laboratories for the direct production of various precious products we offer in our stores. This ensures high quality control not only in the realization of the same but also in logistics. All shipments are handled according to the origin of the customer and every headquarters has a dedicated service always ready to help the customer and solve any after-sales problem.


The best guarantee of iGD quality is the trust of our customers

Professionals who work in harmony and constantly updated

Professionalism and commitment have let us gain and at the same time affirme us as leaders in our field. This result has been achieved through a continuous selection and training of staff directly in our offices, both in Italy and abroad.

Where possible, we try to have a dedicated space for our work, offering points of sale appropriate to the style of the structure. Even for the stores, we care a lot about the coordinated image, to have a cozy and modern environment where the guest feels comfortable.

In this era of digital, social and sharing, we have proposed a cloud system for delivering digital photos to our customers. WWW.MYPICSPACE.COM is a secure place for the most important holiday pictures, with option to save and/or share them on their social networks.